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“For the past 3 and bit years I have lived with chronic pain. I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis in 2019. My rheumatologist and GP explained how gentle movement was vital in managing my condition and that I would need to incorporated low impact movement into my daily lifestyle. This is when I began back care yoga at Trudy’s yoga studio. Back care yoga yoga at Trudy’s focuses on movement and core strength. Yoga at Trudy’s is a safe place that is nonjudgmental, inclusive and supportive. I have very limited movement in some areas of my body; however, that doesn’t stop me from being able to participate in every pose because each pose is offered to accomodate individual abilities. Modified poses and yoga props are offered for each pose in the classes which allows all levels of practice. Back care yoga at Trudy’s is now part of my life. Yoga assists my body to move more freely and to be in less pain. I look forward to yoga at Trudy’s every week and my body is thankful that I found Trudy”

– Lee Anne Young

Trudy guides you through core-based yoga instruction, that can help daily back pain.

About Your Instructor – Trudy

Trudy’s classes are led by personal experience with back pain and two spine operations.

Trudy’s path with yoga began sitting in a wheelchair after a traumatic car accident. Her GP mentioned that she was obese and needed to make some lifestyle changes. Her life changed in more ways than she ever thought possible.

During this journey she lost 40 kilos, learned to walk again, and in just 7 short years of teaching yoga, has opened her third yoga studio, this one being home-based and it’s such a comforting and nurturing space.

Through this journey Trudy has overcome 2 spinal and 3 major abdominal surgeries and teaches yoga in a way that suits people with back pain. Her back pain yoga classes – floor, seated and standing are now yours to buy and access from the comfort of your own home.

All classes include great stretches -everything is core based and focused on listening to your body.

Always seek medial advice before participating.

Introduction To Each Class


Floor class is 30 minutes in length. Great for anyone who is able to lay down on the floor to complete a yoga class.


Seated class is 20 minutes in length. For anyone, especially those who cannot lay down or stand for a class.


Standing class is 20 minutes in length. Suitable for anyone, especially those who cannot lay down on or sit.

Kick start your back pain yoga journey with my downloadable classes



By Trudy Vains

Have you been thrown some curveballs in life that almost seem insurmountable?

How would you cope with being told you might never do the things you love again?

This must-read book is one woman’s life journey and battle through five car accidents, three major surgeries, alcoholism, the loss of a child, suicidal thoughts, unbelievable pain, and everything in between.

Trudy taught yoga from a wheelchair, told the doctors to f**k off after being told she would never teach again….twice.  Being told the pain was in her mind, to deal with it, or take pills and just get on with it.

Her life has always been hard, but when the doctor called in August 2019 her life was turned upside down. Possible cancer, urgent pelvic surgery and urgent spinal fusion.  BAM.  Well……f**k!

Emotions were raw, she was scared, there was no information or resources about how to cope with this sh*t.

Through it all she was terrified, but Trudy sought out ways to make each of the life changing processes easier to cope with and was uplifted by the people that she met along the way.

Life is what you make it.