FUSED is One Woman’s Journey in Overcoming Impossible Odds

This is more than another Yoga book on your shelf. FUSED is a story of hope in a world filled with loss and pain. A book so filled with raw honesty; you won’t ever want to put it down.

This is a story about:

Join Trudy on her journey of overcoming adversity and finding hope in the dark.

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Trudy’s Story is Hard to Forget

In these pages, you’ll find your own pain reflected back at you through her story. You will cry and scream from frustration – but most of all, you will jump from joy. This story will remind you why life is worth fighting for.


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Trudy on The Today Show

About the Author

Five car accidents, three major surgeries, alcoholism, the loss of a child, suicidal thoughts, and unbelievable pain. But that isn’t all there is to Trudy’s story.

Her journey with yoga started in a wheelchair after a traumatic accident. Her GP said she was obese, and she needed a lifestyle change. Here is where her journey of triumph truly began.

She lost 40 Kilos, taught herself to walk again, and built a Yoga empire with 3 yoga studios in just 7 short years!

It felt selfish to keep the journey to herself, so in FUSED, Trudy takes you with her as she overcomes 2 spinal injuries, 3 abdominal surgeries, and every other struggle she faces in between. FUSED is about meeting the right people at the right time and how a little courage and positive mindset will help anyone defeat the most impossible of odds.

Her journey has made her a better instructor – teaching back pain yoga classes. There are sitting, standing and floor classes available for people with a range of mobility.

One theme is central to Trudy’s classes and FUSED – listen to your body and mind and you’ll triumph over whatever is holding you back.

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This book isn’t just a story – it is a guide to help you find the light at the end of an impossibly long tunnel. We’ve never needed a story about hope more than we do today.

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